Since 1923, the cable works of SIPD (Société Industrielle de Produits Diélectriques Manufacturing Company of Dielectric Products) has manufactured insulated wires, cables and low current electric leads, as well as sheats in PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyester, FEP, ETFE, low-smoke, halogen-free compound and C1. The company has grown well in the fields of telecommunications, petrochemicals, railways, automotive, broadcast and multimedia, defence and aeronautics, and has adapted well to technological developments while remaining open to customer input and thus in perfect control of its manufacturing costs and quality. Our progress has been supported and favoured by the acquisition of external structures such as:

GREGOIRE ET BARILLEAU, specialists in the automotive and trucks field,

2IS (Ivry Interconnect Services) and 2IST (Ivry Interconnect Services Tunisia), specialists in up-to-date interconnection systems and solutions. 

Oil companies, engineers, telecommunications companies and major industrial customers now know and appreciate SIPD for its responsiveness and the reliability of its manufactured products. Our structure, well adapted to international business, allows for quick reactions for rapid deliveries throughout the world, in whole containers or in grouping.